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Several factors have played a role in formulation of a cricket league and which may run in parallel to the current official Indian cricket control body, BCCI. The "Inverted Pyramid" cricket structure[ edit ] There is wide disparity between the facilities enjoyed by the national team and the regional ones.

This makes the regional players far from finished products when they are called to represent their country, preventing a huge country like India from having adequate reserve strength in the national squad when key players are injured or retire. Also, the regional cricket boards depend on the BCCI for hand-outs of funds for infrastructure and grassroots development.

The players who are entrenched at the top have strong backing from sports management firms and also can afford the best in personal trainers, physiotherapists and technical consultants, which are well beyond the scope of the average player.

Zee Telefilms desire to create sports content[ edit ] The Essel group has expressed a keen desire to help India develop cricketing talent, as well as provide lucrative sports programming for Zee Telefilms, which lost out on the rights to broadcast all BCCI-sanctioned cricket matches in India until Essel Group had originally launched Zee Sports earlier with the anticipation of securing at dating app the league in india some of the BCCI telecast rights in Cricket played in India generates Rs.

BCCI took the stance that Zee was not qualified as a specialist broadcaster and refused to consider Zee's proposal. The matter expectedly went to court and Doordarshan emerged the beneficiary. Since there was a Zee-Nimbus alliance before the bidding, media pundits thought Nimbus' bid was a Zee front.

Support for the league[ edit ] The ICL received some support from unexpected quarters.

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